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Casting & Splinting Skills Workshop

  • February 25, 2017
  • February 26, 2017
  • Dallas / Addison Marriott Quroum by the Galleria Dallas, TX


February 25-26, 2017

Dallas / Addison Marriott Quroum by the Galleria

Dallas, TX

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Learn casting and splinting techniques through intensive hands-on instruction and application from experienced certified orthopaedic technologists!


Orthopaedic Technologists, Athletic Trainers, Medical Assistants, Nurses, Physician Assistants and those interested in learning the fundamentals of casting and splinting.


  • Basic Casting & Splinting
  • Demonstration of Upper Extremity Casting & Splinting
  • Upper Extremity
  • Short Arm Cast
  • Short Arm Thumb Spica
  • Short Arm Volar Splint
  • Short Arm Thumb Spica Splint
  • Sugar Tong Splint
  • Hands-on Upper Extremity
  • Demonstration of Lower Extremity Casting & Splinting
  • Lower Extremity
  • Short Leg Cast
  • Long Leg Cylinder
  • Posterior Stirrup Splinting
  • Hands-on Lower Extremity
  • Cast Complications
  • Demonstration of Intermediate & Advanced Casting & Splinting Applications
  • Upper & Lower Extremity Applications
  • Muenster Cast
  • Boxers Cast and Radial/Ulnar Gutter Splints
  • Patella-Tendon-Bearing


1. Demonstrate proper casting technique for application and removal of upper and lower extremity casts and splints (achieve through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice).

2. Recognize indications for various types of cast/splint treatment.

3. Identify best practices for cast application and removal.

4. Identify casting/splinting complications and their possible solutions.

5. Learn proper patient care protocols.

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