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June 11, 2013 8:43 AM | Deleted user

Now that we have had a little time to exhale from the legislative session and we await Governor Nixon’s signature on our bills I thought it was a good time to just drop a little note with some organizational updates. A lot of our time on the board is consumed with the legislative issues of the day but we cannot neglect or fail to identify the needs and events that effect the organization as a whole. Please pass any of this information along to your colleagues who may not be on our email list.

  • It with great pleasure that I introduce the newest member to our board, Audrey Massey. She is now our NW Region Director at Large, taking over for Greg Stafford as he needed to resign prior to his term expiring for personal reasons. Audrey is a 2011 graduate from the Pace University PA program and she currently works in Occupational Medicine in the Kansas City area. She is very motivated and we certainly can use the motivation and energy that she possesses as building up the NW region is of paramount importance to MOAPA. If you are living/practicing in this area, please drop Audrey an email with your contact information as she is building her database right now. She may have you on her list already but please do not assume as locating people and having accurate contact information is the biggest challenge the DALs face. Her email is audreymasseypac@gmail.com. She is hoping to have some events in the NW region soon but she needs to know where everyone is located so again, please drop her an email if you live in the NW region.
  • MOAPA is looking for someone to be appointed to the role of Treasurer. Dawn Calabrese is currently the Treasure and has been so for several years but has informed me that she is needing to resign from the board due to needing to meet some changing family needs. Since this is not an election year, a person can be appointed to this position to fill a vacancy until July of 2014 when we will hold general elections. Dawn has agreed to stay in her current role until we are able to secure a replacement. The duties of this position will include a working knowledge of the MOAPA Budget and to maintain adherence to the budget and advise the board of all things related to the MOAPA finances. The day-to-day management, i.e. paying bills, balancing the account, are done by our management company and will not fall on the shoulders of the treasurer so the time commitment is not as burdensome as it may have been in the past. Any current MOAPA and AAPA member who is interested in being a part of the Board of Directors and would like to inquire about the treasurer position, please email or call me directly and I can help answer any questions you may have regarding board responsibilities as well as specific job requirements of the Treasurer. And, on behalf of the board I want to thank Dawn for her many years of service in this role! Her energy and wonderful sense of humor will be missed at our board meetings!
  • Currently we have a vacancy on the board for the President Elect position. The role of this position is to basically work in a training capacity to assume the position of President. There are no specific designated responsibilities other than to be in training under the President to learn the operations of the organization. Again, any current MOAPA/AAPA member is eligible. Basic leadership skills are helpful but not a must but rather a desire to work to continue to move this profession forward in Missouri is what is really needed. Just like the Treasurer’s position, anyone curious about this position please reach out to me and I will be happy to talk with you about the role of President. I will be honest about what it may require but also share with you the huge rewards I have gained through serving as MOAPA President. Keep in mind, if I can learn the position and do it, anybody can!
  • We are very excited about the 2013 Summer CME held in Branson, July 18-21. If you have not registered but need some reasonably priced CME and want to help support your state organization, please go to the website and take a look at the information there about the CME. You can register right on the website. There will be some changes to the format this year that we think will inject some new energy into the event so please consider attending the CME. This is another way to support MOAPA.
  • If you have not already, please check out the MOAPA Facebook page as this has been a great avenue to distribute information as well as a chance for others to ask clinical or practice related questions and stimulate discussion.
  • Last but certainly not least, a recurrent message that needs to always be mentioned is the need to boost membership. If you are unsure about your membership status, whether it is current or when it may expire, please contact Whitney Bertram at info@moapa.org and you can get those questions answered very quick and easy. If you have any colleagues that are not members, please encourage them to join. If there are any issue regarding reasons to join, you can just refer people back to this past legislative session as a quick reference. These bills that contained profession changing language DO NOT PASS without the efforts of this organization! Now the reasons for membership go beyond just this past legislative session but that is just an easy and recent reference point to use if needed. We cannot continue to move this profession forward without having the state organization and we cannot have the organization if we cannot stay financially solvent. Membership is the biggest income source that we have and it will ensure the continued success of the organization as well as the profession here in Missouri. The responsibility of joining as well as encouraging your colleagues to join falls on all of us as individuals! This is not just a board responsibility, this is an individual PA’s responsibility.

As always, I welcome any questions regarding the items I discussed above as well as anything else MOAPA related that you may have on your mind. I appreciate you taking the time to read this as well as all you do in your practices to represent the PA profession. Call or email me anytime.

Paul Winter
MOAPA President

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